Few Ways of Avoiding Addiction Relapse

Few Ways of Avoiding Addiction Relapse

Various researchers are now trying to prove that addiction is a kind of chronic disease like diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure and on long-term basis, it needs proper treatment.

The chances of relapse usually are 40 to 60 percent that can be compared with any other chronic type of medical illness.

Couples rehab centers of the country found that relapse can also be prevented and for that both the partners must help each other and also guard and support each other to prevent relapse.

Relapse for any drug/alcohol use will undo all the hard work done for the patient, to treat them and such relapse can sometimes be deadly too.

However, in case of couples, if both can take care of each other then they can surely prevent such relapse to occur after they have undergone treatment in the couples rehab near me.

Following are few ways that can help to prevent such deadly relapse of your near and dear one’s, who has recently undergone drug rehabilitation.

Engaging in long-term treatment for addiction

No chronic diseases must be treated in very casual manner. Similarly, addiction can be very complicated situation where simple one-month therapy will not be enough.

In order to get a better treatment, it is essential that one must undergo a long-term treatment from a reputed rehabilitation center and studies have proved that long term participation and engagement in various treatment programs can prevent relapse.

Identify ways to manage triggers

Managing the trigger is very important and any good treatment plan can put lots of emphasis on this aspect.

Trigger can take place if the patient again goes to similar environment from where he developed such habit and also mingle with the same old friends and associates who influenced him for addiction.

Good therapy session can identify all these triggers and can provide necessary training to overcome them.

Build a completely new and healthier lifestyle

Relapse prevention method was developed during 1980 by few psychologists, which has been further improved in order to manage various kinds of triggers. This can also be long-term process.

However, if one can work in big way to change the lifestyle in much healthier way then it can certainly reduce any chance of having relapse.  Certain positive activities like yoga, meditation can greatly help.

Use medications wherever appropriate

Also, many different medications are also available which can help in preventing the craving so that it can help in preventing relapse.

Certain medications e.g. methadone and buprenorphine, if used in proper manner under the professional supervision then it can help in preventing craving to prevent relapse.

For quite a few people by using such medications can greatly help in preventing any relapse after the drug rehabilitation.

Rely on others to get support and care

Last but not the least, one has to understand that by remaining alone may not produce best results after the drug treatment. The patient must be surrounded by supportive family and friends who really care for the patient and also are not using any alcohol or drugs.


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