5 Cabinetry Terms You Should Know

5 Cabinetry Terms You Should Know

The kitchen is one of the most beloved rooms in any house. It’s likely that you spend the majority of your time in the kitchen, whether that be with cooking, cleaning or catching up with your loved ones. A bowl of cereal in the morning or a late night sweet treat are just a few things that may bring you into the kitchen, and there’s plenty more reasons why you’ll make lots of memories in your kitchen. It’s important that your kitchen makes your house feel like a home. You want to feel comfortable and content in your kitchen, and that’s why you may prioritize kitchen upgrades and renovations at some point. When you do, you will want to make sure you’re familiar with these commonly used cabinetry terms. This way, you’ll understand your options and all the ways in which you can make your kitchen stand out.

Stock Cabinetry

When you’re looking for European style cabinets, you may find options for stock cabinetry depending on the manufacturer. Stock cabinetry is the result of mass production, and while these cabinets may be made faster, there’s also a limit to the sizes and shades. That’s why custom cabinetry made to order has become more and more popular throughout the past few decades.

Raised Panels

If you’re interested in installing new European cabinets, you should know about some of the different door styles you can choose from. Raised panelling on cabinet doors is in high demand, as these doors have a decorative wood panel with a raised center within a wood frame. Traditional, luxurious kitchens often featured raised panelling.

Recessed Panels

Speaking of panelling, another attractive option for cabinet door appearance is a solid wood frame surrounding the center panel. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative, recessed panelling is a preferred option. Plus, recessed panels look sleek and stylish to support a successful kitchen space for you and your family.


Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)

Another important thing to remember about cabinetry is some of the most common materials used in this industry. You may find yourself interested in Medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is an engineered wood product often used for cabinets. This consists of wood fibers joined together through the use of an adhesive solution. Cabinetry makers are well-versed in MDF and how it works.


In addition to MDF, there are many other commonly used cabinetry materials, including plywood. Homeowners who want European style cabinets may find some great options with plywood, which is an engineered wood product made form thin layers of wood combined together. Plywood is typically used in the construction of cabinet boxes, doors and shelving. European style cabinets are a terrific example! As long as you remember some of these materials, you’ll be more aware and knowledgable when it comes to your next cabinetry project.


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