Electrical Cover Plates: Common Types and Their Functions

Electrical Cover Plates: Common Types and Their Functions

Electrical cover plates serve toprotect electrical outlets from the elements and prevent accidents due to messy wiring or exposed output sockets. Also called wall plates or faceplates, they’re used for device function enhancement, aesthetics, and safety. They come in different shapes, sizes, and types. Here are some of them and their respective functions:


Gangs are boxes or plates that house switches, sockets, and other in-wall electrical components. They come in different gang numbers (or the number of plugs or switches a box can accommodate) and setups depending on the user’s needs.One-gang plateshave room for onlyone socket; two-gang typesholdtwo;three-gang ones containtwo sockets and a switch; and so on.


These connect home and business telephones to the local landline network. While telephone wall plates only feature a single port, multiple units can be connected to it.


This is a module withone to six connection ports called keystones. Its multi-port connectivity and keystone system allows it to perform different multimedia functions depending on the plugged, snap-in cable. You can use this for audio-video and internet devices with keystone plugs.


Unlike keystone modules that have different multimedia functions, these cover plates are purely for audiovisual entertainment purposes. They have a complex, customizable mechanism thatenables them to connect to the user’s intended system. A/V plates are ideal for home theaters, hotel function rooms, and other entertainment setups.

Cable Entrance and Exit

These bundle multiple cables together. They’reperfect for satellite and coaxial wires that pass through the wall,and theyminimize the clutter that usually comes with the wiring.

Surface Mount Boxes

These external boxes house keystones, ports, gangs, switches, and other types of outlets. They’reideal for connecting cablesto systems if in-wall boxes and wire installation aren’t available.


These plates enhance the look of the area they’re installed in. These come in distinct colors, shapes, and accents, and are madeof materials like glass, ceramic, hardwood, and more.

Those are just a few examples of electrical cover plates you can have installed. With these, you can organize the wiring in your property while keeping it safe for everyone. If you’re looking for one, visit a hardware store near you so you can check out more types and determine which of them is best for your needs.


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