The Bathtub for Different Needs

The Bathtub for Different Needs

Walk-in and larger bathtubs have become increasingly popular over the years for many people. For the elderly, they provide an easy and safe bathing experience that these people couldn’t have typically. For people with disabilities, they provide many of the same comforts. These tubs are highly customizable and can provide the necessary space needed to bathe comfortably. Here are just a few of the differences between standard tubs and walk-in bathtubs for disabled and elderly people.


Obviously, the biggest difference is in the ability to step into or be carried into the tub with ease as opposed to stepping over a high ledge to enter a standard tub. There are both inward and outward opening doors that can be installed, depending on the person’s specific needs and preferences.


Size is a feature that tends to make the biggest difference in a tub. Many people want larger tubs for more space to bathe and relax. For those that have disabilities, a larger tub is necessary to enjoy a proper bath. Large, standard tubs may provide a wider space, but they don’t often provide a taller space. Bathtubs that are specifically designed for those with special needs can be taller as well as wider to accommodate each individual person.


Buying a chair for a standard tub is simple enough to do, but it will not be the same as having a seat installed with your bathtub. These seats are meant to be comfortable and fit the person’s body well. Anyone can bathe as comfortably as they want while sitting to prevent falling or getting stuck in a laying down position.

Other Features

There are other features that can be considered when installing a bathtub for disabled or elderly people. Some of these features include a bath and shower combination, low-fill drain times, and massage jets. Each of these features can greatly improve the bathing or showering experience for those that are elderly and those that have disabilities. Each feature is not just about a luxurious experience for each individual. Some of them are practical and can provide relief for those that use them.

The right bathtub for disabled and elderly people is important. Settling for a subpar tub is a mistake when the person could be taking a comfortable bath and improving the wellbeing of the person in need. A standard tub is simply not enough for many people who cannot step over high edges or fold themselves into smaller spaces.


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