How to Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

How to Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that strikes a large number of children and adults around the world. It’s a serious medical condition that renders a patient’s body unable to produce insulin on its own. This results in an abnormality in the level of carbohydrates and glucose in them.

It can be fatal in some cases, but there are ways to lower your risk. Here are a few of them:

Weight Management

Being overweight or obese increases your chances of developing this medical condition. Excess body fats stored in your abdominal area,hinder your body’s ability to respond or produce insulin.

Control your weight by getting as much exercise as you can. Convert time spent sitting in front of the TV into doing something productive. You don’t have to go to the gym, a brisk walk every evening will get the job done just fine. Specialists who took up diabetes CME (continuing medical education) found out that walking for at least an hour a day burns a lot of calories and fats that may increase your risk of developing the disease. Treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers and a brighter future without diabetes.

Control Your Diet

Reduce the amount of fat in the food that you eat and up your intake of fruits and veggies. A healthy diet, after all, is crucial in lowering your chance of developing diabetes. Here are a few food choices that you might want to try:

  • Whole Grains – The fiber in whole grains slows down the process of breaking starch into glucose. As a result, you’ll have a lower level of blood sugar.
  • Fish – This food has a minimal amount of fats, and the ones they do have are healthy for you – so don’t worry about the salmon on your plate, it’s a far better meal than a burger. Tastes better, too!
  • Water, Coffee, and Tea – Choose these over soda because they have fewer sugars. Tea especially offers a host of other positive health perks, and water should always be your go-to.

Don’t Smoke; Drink Moderately

Recently discovered by researchers and diabetes CE specialists that smoking puts you at a higher risk of developing this disease. It’s best for you and those around you if you permanently put that butt out.

Excessive alcohol consumption also puts your health at risk because it containslarge sugar contents. You should always drink in moderation anyway; this is just another reason to do so.

These tips will help you prevent developing diabetes, but it’s best to regularly consult your doctor regarding your health and potential conditions. They, along with diabetes CME experts, will closely monitor your weight and blood sugar and tell you how to keep them at normal levels.


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