Pool-y Removed: Ideas for Replacing Your Old Swimming Pool Area

Pool-y Removed: Ideas for Replacing Your Old Swimming Pool Area

Some people love having a pool in their backyard, while others, not so much. If you’re looking to have one taken out, you couldalways contact a professional specializing in swimming pool demolition in Scottsdale. Then,imagine of all the things you can do with the free space once it’sbeen removed. If you don’t have anythingin mind, here are some design ideas.

Garden Space

After the removal, you can create a visually attractive environment by converting the area into a garden. Most pools occupy the sunny part of your yard. This is an ideal locationto plant sun-loving shrubs and flowers. If the available space is in the shade, you could always make a container garden full of potted plants.

Take note that in Scottsdale, swimming pool demolition contractors will fill the area with compacted and poor-quality soil. So, you should wait about 2 weeks before you start growing your garden. If you don’t have time to wait, you could always make use of your compost.

Outdoor Kitchen

If gardening isn’t for you, then maybe a classic patio kitchen is what you need. You can use the space toprepare your meals and host fun, outdoor parties for your friends.Adding a dining set to the area will allow you to enjoy meals in your backyard, or sit and relax with a cold drink on a hot day.

Fire Pit

Have you ever wanted a fireplace in your house but lack the space for it? Then creating a fire pit in your yard is one hot idea you should definitely consider. It’ll make the area look cozy and provide warmth on coolnights. Your firepit canalso serve as the focal point of your backyard, and they come in various designs and sizes.

Small Playground

If you’re a parent, consider setting up a small playground for your kids. You can add a slide, swing set, or other jungle gym equipment. Giving your children a safe, fun place to play, where you can watch over of them from the comfort of your home.


Fora simpler replacement, you can stick with a classic green turf. Planting grass on the soil is possible, but you must prepare it first. Use a rake to make the area smooth, removing any rocks.Once ready, you can cover it with grass seed and watch your lawn grow in again. Another more time-saving option would be laying sod.

Once you’ve decided to remove your pool, start with looking for a company that specializes in swimming pool demolition in Scottsdale. Then the only thing left to do is to consider the options mentioned and make a choice. Regardless of which one you choose, your backyard will look great and bring you enjoyment for years to come.


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