Light Up Your Home Decor with New Switchplate Covers

Light Up Your Home Decor with New Switchplate Covers

If you’re looking for a project to personalize your home but you’re short on time and money, there’s a simple yet satisfying solution to your dilemma. Switch plates are located in every room of the home and, in most cases, these plastic builder-grade covers tend to blend into the walls and are unnoticeable even if they are functional. Fortunately, that doesn’t need to be the case. Switch plates no longer need to be strictly utilitarian. You can elevate the look of your rooms by installing new switch plates that complement the room without overpowering it. This is a simple, yet effective, change, and it can be accomplished a room at a time, and without the need of a handyman. So take a look around your house, decide on which room is most visible and would most benefit from a small change and start shopping for switchplate covers.

What Are My Options?

Your only problem once you begin to consider replacing your covers is what look you want for the room. These new switch plate covers should not be a focal point of the room, but rather should complement what’s already working. Take a cue from the finishes in the room, and the style. The most popular finishes are bronze, nickel, brass, copper, chrome, ceramic, stone and wood, among others. If you have a modern home, look for industrial-style covers in brushed chrome or nickel that offer a minimum of embellishments and an edge that is sharply slanted toward the wall. If your room is more traditional, you may want to consider the timeless look of bronze, brass, or copper. Cast metal or stamped steel can create an old world look. Wood or stone covers offer a unique look. Copper and ceramic are great in a kitchen. Even though you may be changing out only one room at a time, keep the look fairly consistent from one room to the other. Once you decide on which look you want, then take an inventory of the room and determine how many of each configuration you will need and whether you want rocker or toggle switches. You may also want to consider dimmer switches and child safety products. Then, all you need is a screwdriver and about an hour to create a new detail for your room. Carefully consider your home’s overall look when shopping for switchplate covers


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