A Walk-In Bath/Shower Combo Is a Win/Win

A Walk-In Bath/Shower Combo Is a Win/Win

It should come as no surprise to most homeowners that one of the most hazardous areas in the home is the bathroom. Wet tile and soapy water combine to make falls an almost certainty for at least 1/3 of the 65 and older crowd each year. Thanks to medical advances, a healthier lifestyle, and jobs that aren’t as hazardous as they used to be, Americans are living longer and most of them wish to stay in their homes rather than move into an apartment or assisted living facility. With the aging population in the United States at the highest level in history, you may be looking for ways to make your home safer for yourself and your family. One way that is gaining ground is to install a walk-in bath and shower combo.

Why Use a Bath/Shower Combo?

A shower can be a quick, refreshing, and convenient method of daily cleaning, but there are times when a long soak in a tub is needed. Persons recovering from surgery or those who have suffered a medical setback often need to sit while in the bath. Sometimes muscle aches and pains make the spa-like luxury of a long soak in a heated tub with jets to stimulate and nourish the skin essential to healing and well-being of both body and mind.

What to Look For

Do some on-line research before you head to the dealer, and check to see which units have the features you want and which have undergone rigorous testing. The internet is also a good place to compare prices of these units, which often are on sale. Look for a hybrid unit that has dual adjustable heads that will adjust to the height of any person. One of the heads should convert to a hand-held device, making bathing easier. The one-piece bath/shower combo unit should be loaded with safety grips and handrails. There should be anti-scald technology, a heated seat, anti-skid flooring, ADA approved controls, a low entry point, and a quick release drain. The door should open inward, and the unit should be made from acrylic, covered with a gel coating to provide years of reliability. The dealer should offer a lifetime warranty on the unit, and should offer a guaranteed professional installation. These are some of the considerations when selecting a bath and shower combo


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