Why Timber And Log Material Are Best Home Construction Material?

Why Timber And Log Material Are Best Home Construction Material?

People are now seeking to enjoy some rustic life and get connected with Mother Nature. You may have heard of the traditional log cabins as well as seen some in the mystery movies, they are getting trendy. Constructing a home with timber or log as material over the conventional ones offers plenty of advantages.

Those who already are log homeowners reveal that the rewards are significant than the brick and mortar homes in their neighborhood. Benefits are obvious in its building material.

Timber is a renewable resource

Log homes means trees are used, which means you get a place to live with solid green pedigree. Trees are renewable, so with solid log home, you are efficiently using the carbon confined in them, out from eco-circulation for the entire home life. In addition, some eco-friendly constructors harvest dead standing timber or buy certified sustainable logs from the forest. They make sure that the log home gets built according to the green standards.

Long lasting

Cypress log homes are still in use in several countries that back several centuries back. There is a log-church in Russia, which was constructed 1,700 + years ago. Cypress is the oldest material used to build homes and you can experience its structural strength in the ancient old chateau and palaces.

Withstand severe elements

Countless stories are heard about log homes successfully weathering severe climatic conditions. For example the Katrina and Rita hurricanes in 2005, where solid log walls resisted a collapsed tree preventing more damage to the occupants inside the house in Texas.

Blends with the land

As log is an organic construction material, the structure will merge well in the topography. The home will not appear awkwardly imposed in the landscape.

Warmth of wood

Wood has inbuilt ‘thermal mass’, so is warm to touch. This natural characteristics of logs help to keep home interior temperature comfortable in every season. Log walls can absorb and store energy, which can be radiated within the home.

Great energy efficiency

Log home needs to be sealed properly from the foundation to the roofs to all the connections between logs. Some builders are committed in building log homes that meet ‘Energy Star Standards’. It means your home gets 30% more efficiency than the requirements of building codes, so you save seriously across home life.

Enjoy hanging pictures

Picture hanging on dry walls is a huge ordeal including hammer, drill, studs and accidently bruised finger. If you are told to change the picture then how can you forget the needed patch work? A log home means simplicity and enjoyment of hanging photo frames.

Being rustic does not define NO to high-tech

Rugged appeals but rough is totally out of the equation. Therefore, today even though home owners choose log as construction material they even ensure that it is secure, connected and automated. Smart log homes have backup generators, CAT 5 wiring system, and advanced security system.

Low noise penetration

Log homes are quieter in comparison because the mass in the timber walls deaden the sound effects. Log wall offers acoustical benefits and reduces transmission but sound deflection level depends on the log profile.

In terms of concerns regarding mold and insect infestation then the obvious advantage is you can clearly see everything. Stroll around and visually inspect the log walls. Quick identification means less costly repairs.

Be creative in building a log home!


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